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Reality check

Are you someone who thinks they can skate by in business being just *okay* at sales? 

Maybe even thinking that you just need to "know enough"… whatever that is?

Or you find yourself justifying the fact that you honestly suck at sales, because “that’s not why you became an entrepreneur in the first place”?

You don’t really know what you’re doing wrong specifically, it might end up being everything, and that lack of clarity leaves you paralyzed… where do you even go from here to be better?

i'm ready for change

You’re straight up terrified of going another day with zero sales. So much that you dread pitching or having sales conversations in the first place. You're already in a downward spiral before anything even begins.

After all, you didn’t “start your own business to be in sales". You were told, “you should be happy just doing what you love.” (WRONG & you’re missing out on serious cash!) 




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RESULTS: "She helped me overcome imposter syndrome, establish authority in the online space,
and strong relationships just via DM's. I have sold out FOUR back to back launches since working with Karrie!"

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RESULTS: "We went from constantly 
casting a wide net of offers and just hoping something would stick, to having an entire toolbox for creating converting offers using sales psychology and established authority.
Our first launch after working with Karrie was over a 5-figure launch and we can't wait to see what comes next."


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RESULTS: "After only 6 weeks working with Karrie  I've had a 15k month, a 20k launch, and I consistently attract ideal clients with ease. It no longer feels like begging people to work with me, people line up instead!"

Society tells us that the business world is a "man's world" and that being "in sales" is a bad thing.

But I'm here to tell you straight up that that just isn't true.

Selling = serving, and it allows us to support our families while solving a problem for someone else.


that's pretty fucking awesome if you ask me.

Hi, I’m Karrie!

I have helped countless entrepreneurs (in multiple industries) exponentially scale their businesses to six+ figures, consistently generate $40k+ months, and sell over $3 million dollars cumulatively using the strategies in this program.

I’ve personally used these SAME strategies to sell over $2 million dollars in the online space myself. 

But it wasn’t always this way..

Let’s rewind about 5 years..

When I first dipped my toes in the entrepreneurship world, I was a personal trainer with no business or sales experience. I continuously undervalued myself, keeping my prices low "so people would buy from me". I didn’t think I needed to master sales in order to have a successful business. My skill and heart would take care of that for me.. 

Sound familiar?

Well let me tell you a little secret that I learned: 

Sales takes practice, patience, and SKILL.

Your cash flow is the blood of your business, and without it, well I think you know what will happen.. and where does the cash come from?


You need to be a master of sales, it needs to be a nonnegotiable.

street cred

i'm ready for this And so much more!

rocked sales strategy

A sales process that flows and takes care of every crook and cranny of your business. Upsells, returning customers, and in-person sales? Easy. Follow up game? Strong.


Getting ghosted? That’s a thing of the past because now you’ve mastered organic urgency that has your ideal clients ready to hit the buy now button.

booked yourself out

You're selling out consistently, inbox is flooded with inquires, calendar FILLS UP with sales calls, and you’re finally excited about the sales process. 

clarified your value

You have immense clarity of your offers value and are able to effectively communicate and sell it with ease. 

had fiancial stability

You’re not worried when and if the next sale is coming or living invoice to invoice, and you have complete financial freedom. 

stopped feeling sleazy

You no longer felt like a sleazy saleswoman when you're pitching your product, handling conversations with a potential client, or closing on a sales call.

Imagine if you...


A complete online program designed to teach online entrepreneurs how to pitch their offers with confidence, skill, and ease. Seeing "zero sales" for the day is a thing of the past, it's time to start getting PAID. 

our secret sauce:
YEAR LONG access 💸

This program makes sure you're fully supported in reaching the goal of mastering the art of sales and refining your skills, no matter how long it takes.

Your journey is unique, and as your offers/discounts/etc change, your need for support will change, and we want to have a container that allows you to feel encouragement and not a time-bomb of pressure.

Our smallest payment plan allows you to join for just $550 a month. 

six figure sales vault

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year long ACCESS

Customized support without the 1:1 price tag. This program gives you specific threads to submit your website, sales conversations (both email, phone calls, and DMs), Instagram/social content, and more for specific review. No more guessing where the hole in your sales process is, we’ve got you covered with feedback from all sides.

Year long access to all features. It's time to make 2022 your year in business.
Whatever the goal may be, 6 figures total, sold out launches, booked out calendar, we've got you covered through every single step.
Sales is consistency over time, we know that and are prepared to support you along the way.



Instant access to a course hub filled with 20 sales focused trainings and extra done-for-you templates. This number will continue to grow over time as we add more training content, bring in outside experts, and expand your learning library.

2 weekly Q+A coaching calls held to make you feel massively supported through the process and never have a question left unanswered. We also have guest experts + bonus trainings scheduled to make sure all gaps are filled - #nostress.

who this isn't for:

Anyone who is hitting all their sales goals with ease. You’re effortlessly and consistently selling out your offers without a single problem.

You’re not really looking for anything to change. You’re 110% confident and satisfied with your current sales process. You don’t have an open mind when it comes to changing things, you’re wanting more of the same and that’s it.

When it comes to the saying “better safe than sorry” - you take it literally. You’d rather not take any risks, even if that “risk” changes your life and business for the better.

who this is for:

Having a 6-figure business is one of your biggest goals. You know the transformation power money holds not only for you, but for other people. Money is the hands of more women is the goal, and we’re unapologetic about it here.

You’re ready and willing to learn new business and sales strategies that can change everything for you. You’re COACHABLE, and are ready to do what needs to be done to have a thriving business.

You’re someone who understands “risk vs reward”. The power of investing in yourself and knowledge that will change everything? Can’t put a price tag on it and you’re ready to take that big step forward towards exceeding your goals.

yes this is me

here's the bottom line

You’re struggling with sales, not hitting your income goals, and you know you need help.

You’ve read this page top to bottom and you want to apply but you’re second-guessing.

It’s time to take a leap and give yourself the chance to know with 100% certainty if this is the program that will change everything for you.

I'm ready to apply

Ready for 2022 to look a little something like this?

Did you read this whole page up and down, and agree with 60%+? Then this is for you. And honestly, it doesn’t hurt to just fill out the application! I promise I'm not letting anyone join who isn’t the perfect fit. 

You’d be surprised how quickly the tides can turn. I’ve had clients go from zero leads or sales calls booked to making back much more than the entire investment paid in full (she made almost $8k) in just a few weeks after joining the program. You bring the passion for your craft, I’ll bring the step-by-step system for sales. 

The Sales Vault teaching modules are completed on your own time. That means I’ve released all the teaching modules to you as soon as you sign up, giving you plenty of time to watch it and get to work. And because you have access to the training videos forever, you can dive in to whatever modules you need help with most today, tomorrow, next year, or whenever!

The only thing is the 2 coaching calls per week are pre-scheduled at the same time (you'll get a calendar don't worry!), so that is a time commitment you’ll need to make! Showing up to those, or at least budgeting time for homework and implementation is crucial to see results.

This isn't private 1:1 coaching, but the 6 Figure Sales Vault DOES come with a lot of support. There’s a Facebook group with 2 weekly hot seat coaching calls and specific sections to submit homework, so you can get access to me,  and specific customized feedback on everything from websites, email responses, sales call, and more, on the reg.