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There’s a Karrie shaped hole in the market—she’s young, vibrant, smart, and tells it like it is. In the same breath, she can encourage and equip with research-backed education, and still drop phrases like: “or else you’re just fucking around on the internet.”

She is bold, but her audience appreciates her for her rough edges, not in spite of them. They find her story both relatable and inspiring—she’s not self-deprecating, she’ll tell you exactly how hard she’s worked, but she’ll also tell you she didn’t do anything extraordinary. She just did what works.

Her messaging is always clear and concise, and unapologetically-relatable—the kind that clients can’t walk away from, because they feel seen and known. Her ideal audience will find themself saying, “Finally, this is what I’ve needed all along.” and come back to Karrie for her business insights time and again.

Karrie Brady is well known for her online marketing skills, tough-love and no-fluff sales strategy, and energetic personality, but there is a lot more to this 26-year-old 7-figure, digital entrepreneur.

Karrie’s mission is simple: to encourage and empower women that they can be successful in business by rewriting the rules. The business world wasn’t created with women in mind, so it makes sense why we feel like to “get a seat” at the table we’re compromising and bending over backwards just to “fit in”. This industry wasn’t built for us, but we’ve taken over by playing to our own strengths and skills.

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over 2 million video views in the last 6 months

20k+ total social community

5500+ total course students

The old standard vs new standard of SALES, and how women can dominate in 2022

How to introduce buyer-psychology into your online sales process 

How to detach the value of your work from the value of yourself

How to rewrite the rules and create a 7 figure business you love

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Summit Of Slay

Louisville, KT

I spoke on how you can start harnessing your feminine force to sell high ticket, regardless of audience size.

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orlando, fl

I spoke on valuing your sales skill and how to implement intentional sales into your already existing strategy.

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