I didn’t just show up online one day and have millions of dollars sold, thousands of followers, and a booming biz ..

In fact, my life looked a lot different 5 years ago..

At 19 years old my dad was in an accident that left him with a broken neck and a daughter who was now living at home to take care of him.

I dropped out of college where I was pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering to move home, and that’s when I dipped my toes in the entrepreneurial ocean as a personal trainer. Falling flat on my face, I didn’t know ANYTHING abut business and couldn’t make a sale. But I was knowledgeable about my craft, and CARED about my clients more than any other trainer I knew. Sound familiar?

My life looks a lot different now

5 years later and over 1.5 million dollars sold online ..

These days you can catch me breastfeeding my baby girl, hanging on the couch in between coaching calls.

I’ve worked with over 500 entrepreneurs and counting, been featured in Forbes, helped my clients leave their 9-5s, buy cars and houses, build their savings to 6 figures, retire their husbands, and make cumulatively over $2 million dollars online. Long story short, my passion is helping entrepreneurs combine soul-level-connection and radical profits.

Cali Girl

My enneagram number is a strong

8 w 9

My favorite trash tv show

The Bachelorette, duh

in another life i'd be a

 dog trainer + rescue nonprofit

take my money

Target, Madewell, the list goes on

100% powered by 

baby snuggles + chipotle


my start in the online space

Dad got in an accident and broke his neck

Dropped my major of Biomedical engineering

 moved home to be his fulltime caretaker

started online as a health and fitness coach

was excited to be an entrepreneur


Where things got tough

was undervaluing myself and under charging

was scared of failure but more scared of success

didn't know how to run a business

just cared about mastering my "craft" of personal training

struggled to make money


My turning point

I quit and got a job at a corporate gym

didnt think i was cut out to be an entrepreneur

made the choice to stop allowing myself to suck at sales

invested in mentors, surrounded myself with advanced people

sold $150k in online programs for an influencer in 6 months


The most transformative year personally

co-coached in a program teaching sales to entrepreneurs

took my own coaching business full time

traveled Europe for 2 months with my now hubby + pup

got pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby girl

did $125k total in sales

2019 - Present

The most transformative year in my biz

got married and raised my daughter Sienna

allowed my husband to stay at home and pursue his passions

Spoke on multiple stages, to hundreds of women

was featured in Forbes

did $750k in total sales

a few of my






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